It’s Monday – here are some books you might like

Remember our celebration of kindness during the Global Kindness Project, when we read a variety of refugee stories?  Well last week I discovered this picture book. I hope you’ll all read it and then share it too.  Where Will I Live by Rosemary McCarney, one of Canada’s ambassadors to the United Nations, shows how children are asking that question in so many places in our world today.  It is a beautiful call for help and action.  Share it with your families and see what you can do.

Super Turbo is by Lee Kirby, the author of Captain Awesome.  It’s a new series about super hero school pets.  It will be a quick read that will make you smile.  Can you imagine our fish saving the school from a rodent take-over while we were away because of a snow day?

I’ve been in an Elise Gravel phase.  You might like a view into her sketchbook where she captures ideas for writing in If Found…Please Return to Elise Gravel.  You might like nonfiction Disgusting Critters series.  You can learn about head lice, flies, slugs, and more in a way that will make you shiver and giggle at the same time.  Or you might want to explore the picture book, The Cranky Ballerina.  It will make the dancers in our class smile.  And finally you might enjoy Olga, a graphic novel/chapter book hybrid.  Olga looks at things in a scientific way.  She observes “stuff” to learn about it.  Her passion is animals.  She loves everything about them (they may even be better than people).  While looking, she discovers an animal unlike any other.  He seem to be from nowhere – maybe outer space.  He’s smelly and makes the sound she names him after, “Meh.”  And so begins Olga’s adventure to discover all she can about Meh, keep him safe and find a way to make him happy.  You’ll enjoy the adventure – it doesn’t go as smoothly as planned.

These books are on the lighter side of things.  If you’re interested in  something more serious, check out the library in the sidebar.  I’m curious to know what you’re reading.  Leave a comment to let me know.


2 thoughts on “It’s Monday – here are some books you might like

  1. Thank you for these great book ideas! Max and I together are reading Chicken Feathers by Joy Cowley. It’s about a boy who lives on a farm and has a pet chicken that can speak..but only to him.We just started today and it seems like there will be a mystery in the story as well. Max will update as we progress. Hope you are having a wonderful summer!

    • I read that book a while ago. I’ll have to reread it. If you get into a “chicken” phase make sure you check our Quinny and Hopper. It is a great story about making friends of all kinds and searching for a missing chicken in the process. I can’t wait to hear more about Chicken Feathers. Mrs. Eaves

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