It’s Wednesday – here are some problems to solve

Happy 5th of July!  Here are some cookout problems to solve.

Tera had a cookout with her friends and family.  They used 5 packages of hotdog.  They used 4 packages of hamburgers.  They used 5 packages of rolls.

There were 8 hotdogs in each package.  There were 6 hamburgers in each package. And there were 12 rolls in each package. 

  • How many hotdogs did they eat?
  • How many hamburgers did they eat?
  • How many of the hotdogs or hamburgers got eaten without any roll?

Rachael lit some sparklers to celebrate the 4th of July.  She had 8 boxes of sparklers.  Each box held 8 sparklers.   At the end of the night there were 12 sparklers left.  How many did Rachael light during their celebration?

Sully went to Bailey’s Dockside for ice cream.  He sat on a bench to watch the boats while he was eating his sundae.  While he was there he saw 14 people get cones with 2 scoops of ice cream, 26 people who got cones with one scoop and 7 people who got banana splits – they all had three scoops.  

How many scoops of ice cream did Dockside serve while Sully was eating his sundae?