It’s Wednesday – here are some problems to solve

numbersArjay was the catcher for 3 innings in the baseball game.  In the first two innings the pitcher struck the first three batters out.  In the third inning the pitcher struck the first batter out.  The next two batters hit pop flies for outs, with counts of 2 balls and 2 strikes.  Use multiplication and addition to figure out how many balls Arjay caught in those three innings as catcher.

Parker had all his Pokemon cards in a binder.  Each page in the binder had 3 rows of 4 cards.  Parker had 5 full pages and one page that was 2/3’s full.  How many cards did Parker have in his binder?

Katie was swimming laps in the pool.  She swam 6 laps (along with lots of jumping and diving and having fun) every hour for 4 hours.  How many laps did Katie swim?  If Katie swam that same number of laps each day for a week, how many laps did Katie swim in a week?