It’s Monday – here are some books to enjoy!

Fly AwayYes!  Finally time in the backyard, in the green chairs, beside the bird feeders, watching my garden grow and reading.  I had the chance to read Patricia MacLachlan’s new book, Fly Away.  It’s a story of family, siblings – young and old, songs, cows and caring.  It is quiet and gentle (I think all of her books are that way).  It is a story that shares how families are special,  whether stubborn or kind, secretive or silent.  Everyone in Lucy’s family has a passion – a gift that they share.  Some are shared with the world, while others are shared with just one person.  Poetry, songs, cows and floods are part of this wonderful story that is meant to be read and savored.

18263464Annnika Riz, Math Whiz is the second title in Claudia Mills Franklin School Friends trilogy.  Just as Kelsey loved to read, Annika loves math.  She sees the beauty of the patterns and the usefulness of numbers.  She loves fractions and decimals.  She knows that numbers or precise and dependable.  Annika hopes to win the city sudoku contest and she hopes to contribute to the school carnival.  Some things work out and some things don’t.  You’ll have to read it to see how it goes.  Annika makes me think of Hajna.  I wonder if she feels the same way about math.  Maybe she’ll leave us a comment when she’s had a shane to read it.

18594559Teacher’s Pets by Stephanie Calmenson and Joanna Cole is the second in the Ready, Set Dogs! series.  Would you ever want to be a dog, or another kind of animal even for a minute?  I’m not sure I would, but is fun to read about Kate and Lucie.  They are best friends and neighbors who LOVE dogs, but live where they aren’t allowed.  With magic dog bone necklaces, high fives and “woofa- woofs” the girls and change into dogs.  They understand animal behavior first hand.  Most of the time it fun being a dog, but not always.  Especially when you can’t control your doggy instincts and cats are involved.

What are you reading?  Leave a comment to let us know what you think we should be reading.  I’ve started by summer pile. Have you?

While reading online I discovered a couple of great Summer Reading lists that parents might like to explore.  They have great reasons for keeping summer reading going and fun ideas to explore to have fun with books and reading.  Check them out here and here.

What books are you taking to the beach?  To the mountains?  To your backyard?

Happy Reading – everywhere!