Friday Quick Writes

Read through the prompts, think about them for a bit and when you’re ready, find ten quiet minutes and begin writing

Use the prompts, or write about whatever idea comes to your mind.  It’s okay if you finish one idea and begin another.  It’s also okay if you don’t finish when the time is up.  Just like always,  you decide:  stop, or keep writing.   You may want to post your quick write as a comment, or on your own blog or you may what to keep it in your notebook.  This week’s writing suggestions come from the Journal Buddies Newsletter, “Happiness Happens.”

How do you feel when you witness (see) happiness?

Where does happiness come from?

Write a poem about the sound of happiness.

How can you encourage happiness?

What things make you the happiest?

What can you accomplish when you’re happy?

What does it mean to find the silver lining in a situation?

I hope you have a happy time writing. Enjoy!


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