It’s Wednesday – here are some problems to solve

Pennsylvania is the home of many things.  It became a state in 1787, but before that, it published the first magazine in America, American Magazine in 1741.  Now you can travel to Easton, PA and see the world’s largest crayon while you learn all about how crayons are made at the Crayola Factory that was founded in 1885.

How old is Pennsylvania?  How old is the Crayola Factory?  And how much earlier was the magazine published than the first crayons were made?

Ohio became a state in 1803.  In 1914 the first electric traffic light was invented and installed in Cleveland.

How old is Ohio?  How long was it a state before it needed traffic lights?  How many years have traffic lights been around?

New Jersey became the 3rd state in 1787.  The world’s first drive-in movie theater was opened in Camden in 1933.

How old is New Jersey?  How many years had NJ been a state before the movie theater was opened?  How old would  the movie theater be now?

Michigan became the 26th  state in 1837.  It is the home of some famous Fords.  Henry Ford, car manufacturer, was born in 1863.  Gerald Ford, our 38th president, was born in 1913.

How long had Michigan been a state before each man, Henry Ford and Gerald Ford, were born?  If alive today, how old would each man be?

4 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday – here are some problems to solve

  1. Pennsylvania is 230 years old. 2017-1787 =230.
    The Crayola Factory is 144 years old. 2017-1885= 132.
    The American Magazine was published 144 years earlier than crayons. 1885-1741=144.

  2. Ohio
    Ohio is 214 years old. 2017 -1803= 214.

    111 years is the difference between when Ohio became a state and when traffic light was invented.

    It has been 103 years since the traffic light was invented. 2017-1914= 103.

  3. New Jersey
    New Jersey is 230 years old. 2017-1787= 230.

    New Jersey was a state for 146 years before the Camden drive in opened. 1933-1787=146.

    The movie theater is 84 years old. 2017-1933=84

  4. Michigan.

    Michigan was a state for 76 years before Gerlad Ford was born. 1913-1837=76. If Gerald Ford was alive, he would be 104 years old. 2017-1913=104.

    Michigan was a state for 26 years before Henry Ford was born. 1863-1837= 26. He would be 154 years old! 2017- 1863= 154.

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