It’s Wednesday – here are some problems to solve

We’ve been writing story problems to go with division facts.  Here are some of the ones our class wrote yesterday.  Can you name the equations?

by Jaida Jaida had 24 cookies.  She gave them to 6 of her friends.  How many cookies did she give each of her friends?

by Samantha – Max had 14 Scooby Snacks.  He invited 7 people over.  How many snacks did they get?

by LucyJulie made 36 cakes.  She invited Lucy, Libby, Gabby, Rachael, Samantha and Katie to eat them.  How many cakes did each and every one of her friends get?

by DanickThere were 48 hockey players on six teams.  How many players were on each team?

by JulieMrs. Eaves had 40 books.  5 of her students wanted some books.  How many books did each person get?

by RachaelKatie had 35 pencils.  She invited Tera, Jaida, Samantha and Mackenzie over.  Each of the 5 girls got the same amount of pencils.  How many pencils did each of the girls get?

by SullyMax had 50 apples.  He put 5 in each bag.  How many bags did he have in all?

2 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday – here are some problems to solve

  1. #1. Jaida gave 4 cookies to her friends.
    #2 The friends each got 2 Scooby snacks.
    #3 Each friend got 6 cakes.
    #4. There were 8 players.
    #5. Each student got 8 books.
    #6. Each girl got 7 pencils.
    #7. Max had 10 in all.

    • Hi Max,
      You gave answers to the questions. And it certainly seems like you know the equations that go with each question. Should you double check to be sure? The challenge was to discover the number sentence behind each story. Thanks for taking time to share your ideas and thinking! You do awesome work.

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