It’s Wednesday – here’s some problems to solve

Max discovered The Big Honey Hunt was the first Berenstain Bear book.  It was published in 1962.  How many years ago was the first book in this series written?

There are 300 books in the Berenstain Bear series.  Each book has has 32 pages.  How many pages will Max have read when he has completed reading the entire series.

There are 790 pages in Wonder.  We have read 46 pages.  How many more pages do we have to read before we finish the seventh chapter read-aloud?


3 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday – here’s some problems to solve

  1. Here is the answer to the math problem about Wonder:


    Well that’s my answer for the math problem about Wonder!

  2. Thanks for making the word problem with me in it. I love the Berenatain Bears.
    Problem #1
    The first book was written 55 years ago. 2017-1962 = 55 years.

    Problem #2
    300 books × 32 pages = 9,600 pages!!

    Problem #3
    790 pages – 46 pages =744 pages left to read.


    • I’m glad you saw and did the problems. You’re really great at understanding problems and finding efficient ways to solve them. Thanks for all you hard work. Mrs. Eaves

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