It’s Wednesday – here are some problems to solve

Happy Vacation!  Here are some problems to ponder while you’re lounging, skiing or skating, dancing, or running, reading, or healing, building, or singing, creating  or,  …enjoy what comes to you in your week.

Because I was thinking that one way we can grow as writers is by looking at stories we know well, I checked out folktales.  There are Cinderella stories from every one of the countries our class chose to research.  I think that is very cool!  We’ll be exploring them in March.

The Cinderella we are most familiar with, was first written inFrance in 1697.  How old is that version of Cinderella?

The oldest Cinderella story is from Egypt.  It was written in 83 BC.  (That’s 83 years before 0.)  How old is that story?

How much older is the Egyptian Cinderella than the version from France?

The Chinese version is called Yeh Shen.  It was written during the T’ang Dynasty in 618 AD.  How old is that story?

How much older is Yeh Shen than the version from France?

Did you know that some of the main characters in “Cinderella” stories are boys?  I hope we’ll have a lot of fun with fairytales in March.  Do you have a favorite fairytale?

2 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday – here are some problems to solve

  1. 1. The Cinderella from France is 320 years old. 2017 -1697=320.

    2. Cinderella from Egypt is 2,100 years old. 2017 +83 years. You have to add on 83 years because it is 83 years before 0 on the calendar.

    3. Egyptian Cinderella is. 1779 years older than The French Cinderella. 2100 years old -320 years old =1,780.

    4. The Chinese story is 1,399 years old. 2017 -618=1,399 years.

    5. Yeh Shen is 1,069 years older than the French Cinderella. 1697-618= 1,079 years older.


    • Max,
      Wow! You did all of these problems to learn about how many Cinderella stories there have been through time. I appreciate seeing how you solved them all with subtraction. I’m excited too, because as soon as we finish our fable project we are going to begin a Cinderella project. There is a Cinderella story from every country our class chose to research this year and we’re going to learn about them!
      Thanks for all the effort you put in to all you do!
      Mrs. Eaves

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