Our Week – April 22

readingI asked the class what they thought you should know about our week. We’ve continued working with fractions, learning a bit about our country’s history, exploring different uses and needs for punctuation, researching our states and enjoying our time reading, writing and growing together.

Here’s what they said:

Ronan wrote, “I love math. I do math problems.”

Grace H wrote: “I like technology because we get to play games and do some KidPix. Myrtle the turtle is currently the class pet. He/she has a broken shell but it’s really fun to watch him/her crawl in its tank. “

turtle inspired artMyrtleAiden wrote: “Myrtle the Turtle is a new class pet.”

Elias wrote: “Myrtle the Turtle is okay. We got mealworms and Ivan brought in some food for him too.”

Heidi wrote: “We have a new class pet that joined us a week ago. His name is Myrtle the Turtle. He is a yellow spotted turtle. He eats worms and if they’re captive they eat raw meat.”

Caleb wrote: “Myrtle is an endangered spotted turtle. He eats vegetation and bugs. He is very funny, but he is also kind of slow.”

reading togetherDillan wrote: “We have been reading The Thing About Georgie and I think it’s really good. (It’s our new chapter read-aloud.)”

Allie wrote: “I’m typing a long story on my blog called Friends in a Fairy World and I am blogging about Harriet Tubman. She’s an important person from my state. (And you should read Thea Stilton and the Secret City. It’s very good.)”

Ivan listed: “State research, planting broccoli, blogging, turtle.”

Abi wrote: “This week 3E has been learning about broccoli. Broccoli takes a really long time to grow. The last seeds I planted survived. The first did not.”

caring for our broccoliKayla wrote:  “Our Plants – We have been planting seeds. We each took four seeds and put them in a clear plastic cup. That way we could watch them underground. The seeds got too big for their cups and so we had the option of bringing them home or leaving then here. At home we would transplant them. We also planted broccoli. They now look like little sprouts. I like planting seeds!

Adelle wrote: “On Wednesday Logan and I sand at music share. We sang Can’t and I thought we were great.”

Max wrote: “This week I did music share and I played the recorder and did beat-boxing at the same time.”

learning about our statesNolan wrote: “I did music share this week and I played a song on the piano that I had made up. It was fun, but I landed on the wrong last note.”

Grace A wrote: “I really like the music share we had this week. I really felt like everyone has something special and all beautiful in our own way.”

 Logan ended by writing: “Everybody is excited for vacation and a lot of people are saying what they’re doing on their blogs! Check them out.”

finishing Sassafras SpringsDSC08129a bit of writing



Have a wonderful week.  We’ll see you in May!