It’s Wednesday – here are some problems to solve

numbersAiden and Caleb bought a large pizza to share.  Caleb ate 5/8 of the pizza. What fraction of the pizza was left for Aiden?

Grace spent 4/9 of her money and saved the rest.  What fraction of her money did Grace save?

Logan baked a cake.  She ate 1/12 of the cake and gave 7/12 of the cake to her friends.  What fraction of the cake was left?

Kayla and Seamus shared 18 cookies.  Kayla ate 1/6 of the cookies.  Seamus ate 1/3 of the cookies.  How many cookies were left?

There are usually 30 students in Mr. Hooper’s 3rd grade gym class.  1/5 of the students were absent.  How many students were in class?