Here Are This Week’s Blog Prompts

There are a lot of things going on in 3E.  We’ve got some growing experiments and some paragraph writing.  We’re learning about mapping and what it means to be part of a caring community.  We have much to be grateful for as we learn about our place in the world.

Here are the prompts we chose from today.  Please enjoy finding out what we chose to blog about.  After reading our posts, please leave a comment or two.  We love hearing from you!  Thanks.

  • Post your seed paragraph and add a photograph of your seeds at the start of the project and you seeds as they are growing now.
  • Create and post your TOP 10 Gratitude List. Make the most of your lead!
  • Post a photograph of the map you created of your yard and write about the five things all maps include.

Once you’ve shared at least one of these prompts,  finish a post you began a while ago, or choose your own new topic.

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