Camp Lincoln – an awesome field trip

Today’s post was written by all the students in 3E:  Liam, Emma, Logan, Sophia, Ellia, Ella, Michael, Mady, Olive, Cooper, Eddie, Ryan, Charlie, Gabriel and Hayley

Here’s what we did at Camp Lincoln.  When we got there, we were excited because we were going to be there all day!

Mowgli welcomed us to Camp Lincoln at the picnic tables.  We followed him to the sports field.  He had us make a big circle with our entire grade.  We played a game about well we listen.  He also taught us a game called Knee Tag.  In Knee Tag you are safe if you put your hands on your knees.  When your hands are on your knees you can’t move.  Mowgli and Riptide also led us in the Clap, Jump, Spin and Run game.  It was lots of fun too.

After the games we went on a nature walk with Wolf. First, we visited the farm animals.  We saw chickens, ducks, goats and sheep.  Then, we found plants we could eat.  We found wintergreen and Indian cucumbers.  The wintergreen tasted and smelled like root beer!.  To find an Indian cucumber, look near water.  Be careful when looking for the Indian cucumber.  Dig around the stem and you will find a white root!  Clean it off  and taste it!  It tasted like a carrot!   After that, we made Nature Tea.  We used hot water, wintergreen leaves, and pine needles.  Some of us thought it was delicious, and some of us through it was yucky!  Finally, we reached the Point.  There were trees that had been struck by lightning.  They had stripes and broken branches.  We had lots of fun on our nature walk.  “AROOH!!!”

For the third part of our day, we began playing a game like Red Light, Green Light to steal a counselor, Riptide’s keys.  Once we got his keys we “drove” to the “zoo.”  We crossed a rickety-rockety bridge over a swamp to get there.  Once we got to the “zoo” we sorted out our animal names by size:  small, medium, and large.  We didn’t like the orders at the zoo, so we ran away.  We (the animals) had to cross over a “peanut butter pit,” but first we had to get the rope.  We made a lasso out of our sweatshirts to reach it. When we had the rope we had to swing across to escape the zookeepers.  There was only one tiny boat for all of us to fit on.  We swung across one at a time.  We huddled together like penguins on the boat so everyone was safe.  Our escape was a success.  And our adventure was lots of fun!

Camp Lincoln was fun because we got to do so many different activities and game.  It was a great day!

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