It’s Wednesday – here are some problems to solve

Jim is at raking leaves.  He earns $9.00 an hour when he rakes.  Beth is a good babysitter.  She earns $12.00 an hour when she babysits.  Beth works 6 hours in one week.  How many hours does Jim need to work to earn the same amount of money as Beth did?

Henry’s school decided to raise money for field trips by holding a farmer’s market.  They should cabbages, kale, broccoli and potatoes.  After adding together all of their earnings, Henry discovered they had made $303.  If they sold cabbages for $42 kale for $51 and broccoli for $77, how much money did they earn by selling potatoes?

This one will take quite a lot of thinking.  Take your time and enjoy it!

Nick had 3 pet frogs named Doris, Boris and Morris.  He weighs them to make sure they are healthy.  However, the frogs will only be weighed two at a time.

Here’s what Nick found out.  Can you use his data to find out how much each frog weighs?

Doris and Boris weigh 12 grams altogether.

Boris and Morris weigh 16 grams altogether.

Doris and Morris weigh 14 grams altogether.

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