Animals are Amazing

Today we are learning about commenting.  Your words should connect with the writer and maybe even get a little conversation going.

Here are a few of the ones we we saw at the zoo.  When you look at the animals, what do you wonder?    Which animals do you remember that aren’t in this collection of photographs.  How would you caption the picture?  at the zooat the zoodsc02399DSC02395zoodsc08708dsc08720at the zoozooat the zoo

at the zooat the zooat the zoo

31 thoughts on “Animals are Amazing

    • Samantha, this is mom. 🙂 That is so nice of you to say to your teacher that you like she took the time to take nice pictures. What do you like about the pictures? Do they make you think of anything about the animals? Are there other animals you saw that aren’t in the pictures? What did you like learning most when you went to the zoo? I love you so much!!!!

      Mom xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    • Do you have a favorite zoo memory? Which animals most interested or surprised you? I think I want to find more out about the ocelot. I want to find out why it’s at the zoo and not in the actual rainforest.

    • I wonder what would happen if flamingos couldn’t eat shrimp. What else could they eat? What color would they be then?
      It is fun to learn and wonder.

    • They were by the bird building. They were just a bit beyond the kiwi building. I wonder what you saw that we didn’t. Isn’t it cool that we could be in the same place and see different things.

    • I am trying not to be scared of snakes – but I am. I know they have an important role in our world. Maybe sometime I will take time to understand them so I’m not so startled when I discover them in my “world.”

    • I like them too. I think they are beautiful. What do you know about them? Are there different kinds? Are they all just black and white? Can some of them be brown or tan or grey? Are there different kinds of zebras?

    • What do you think about when you name an animal? Do you think about what they look like, how they act or what you know about them when you name them? What do you think of first?

  1. how many animals did you see? what was your favorite out of them all? did the animals seem nice and did you get to pet any of them?

    • I didn’t count, so I don’t know for sure. It was lots more that I took pictures of. I know that this zoo was not a petting zoo so I didn’t expect to touch any of the animals. I didn’t see one that I wanted to pet. Did you?

  2. Hey Mrs.Eaves the zoo looks really fun I wish could have come! I’ll write back to you really soon!

    PS. I think the flamingos are the best!
    Love, Dillan 😉 🙂

    • Oh, I am so happy to find you here. I wish you could have been with us too! It was really fun to see the flamingos last week and I totally thought of you. How fun to stay connected love, Mrs. Eaves

  3. Wow! What great beginning comments, 3rd grade bloggers! I’m glad you remembered some of the things we talked about with blogging comments. I see people that wrote a COMPLIMENT, some that ENDED WITH A QUESTION, there were lots of CONNECTIONS and people ADDED NEW FACTS! I wish I had gone to the zoo. I think I will have to take my boys to the zoo soon. I wonder if the zoo closes for the winter? Do the animals get to stay inside and cozy warm for the winter months? I’ll have to find out!
    Happy blogging 3rd graders! I look forward to more blogging with you soon!
    Mrs. Wyman

    • They can. I like how they live together with their families. I also think it is interesting that they make a new nest each night for sleeping in.

    • I thought that was very interesting too. How can a giraffe have the same number of bones in their necks as people do! I’m so glad we got to go to the zoo.

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