🔢Wednesday Math 🔵◼️🔺

Here are some problems to solve.  Have fun!

Landon collected 2384 basketball cards.  He gave 533 of them to Max.

How many cards did Landon have then?

Next Landon bought 5 more packs of cards.  Each pack had 16 cards in it.

How many new basketball cards did Landon buy?

How many hockey cards does Landon have now?

Holden sorted his books.  He had 1,452 books altogether.  He put the same amount on each shelf of his 2-shelf bookcase.

How many books did he put on each shelf?

One half of the books on just the top shelf were picture books.  The rest of the books in the bookcase were chapter books. How many picture books does Holden have? How many chapter books does he have?

Brady had 12,369 Legos.  He divided them into 3 even groups.

How many Legos were in each group?

He used two of the groups to make an amazing building.  How many Legos did Brady use to build his building?

Vera had 174 dimes.

She gave Edward some.  Those added up to $3.40.

She gave May some.  They added up to $2.20.

How many dimes did Vera have left?

How much money in dollars and cents are the dimes that Vera has left?