✏️Friday Quick Writes📝

Tomorrow is the first day of summer!  Here are some summer inspired prompts.  Have fun writing.  Maybe you’ll even share it on your blog.

Describe your idea summer day from start to finish.  Use as much detail as you can.

List 3 things you’d like to accomplish this summer.  How will you make sure they get done?

Would you rather go swimming in the ocean, in a lake or in a pool?  Why?  Tell your favorite swimming story.

Write a poem describing the way summer makes you feel.

What your favorite summer treat?  What makes is so delicious?

Other ~ write about something that interest you right now.

2 thoughts on “✏️Friday Quick Writes📝

    • Hi Justin😎,
      Isn’t the weather great! Happy first day of summer.
      Maybe you’ll write about all your favorite summer things on you blog.
      ☀️Mrs. Eaves

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