Our Day – Tuesday, April 28

Good Morning! 

Morning Work – Start off your learning day by completing your weather graph, note the temperature on the section of the graph you color in and the type of cloud you see.  Use the symbols on the cloud finder.

Next, pick up you gratitude rock and think of something new to add to your Gratitude Jar.  I don’t know if you are keeping up with this practice, but I do know it helps to find the silver lining .

Check out each others blogs and leave a comment or two. Thank you to the four people who have made this a regular part of your morning.  Your comments are rays of sunlight to your classmates. 🌞☀️😎 Thanks for staying connected!

Morning MeetingToday we’ll share and compare two versions of  The Fox and the Stork; one from Jerry Pinkney’s illustrated collection and another from Mary Ann Hoberman’s Very Short Fables for Two Voices.  (Thanks to Mr. Eaves for reading the second voice.)


One version is longer than the other and each has different illustrations.  Look beyond that to reflect on which version and moral speaks to you and connect more closely to how you hope people will treat each other.  Leave a comment  explaining which version you liked better and why.  Also, please tell what the moral means to you.

Take a break, get a snack and move around.  If you’d like, here are two Go Noodle videos: move to Too Hot and or to Achy Breaky Heart.

Shared Reading – We’ll solve riddles and listen to mysteries.

Here are the riddle answers from last Wednesday: #1 he weighs meat – he works at a butcher shop ,#2 The horse is named Friday, and #3.In the first set remove matchsticks from the two sides and the bottom to leave the letter T, in the second set remove the matchstick on the right to leave the letter E and in the last set remove the matchsticks from the top and bottom to leave the letter N.

Here are some new riddles for today ~

#1 What type of cheese is made backward?

#2 Why are ghosts bad at lying?

#3 What do each of the animals weigh?

Listen to Miss Nelson is Back.

In a comment, share how you solved the mystery – make sure to include all the clues you found in the words and illustrations to provide proof for your claim. Did anything from the story yesterday help today?

Use all that you’ve learned by listening and reading mysteries to continue on with our mystery planning activities,  Go to our Google Classroom.  Open the new assignment ~ Creating Clues.  That’s the fourth mystery planning activity and should be completed by Thursday, April 30.

Take a break, go outside, run around, sing,  play a game, make some art.

Independent ReadingKeep reading each and every day! Find a nice quiet place to read and enjoy at least 30 minutes with a great book.  If you’re wishing for some new book/reading options you can find some fabulous picture book recordings at Storyline Online and recorded books here at Audible. The Elementary selections look great.  Enjoy!

At the end of reading, choose two or three things from the Book Talk Questions grid when you leave a comment about what you read today on the blog.

Go outside, have some lunch, play a game, practice your recorder.  Relax.

Writer’s Workshop  –

Take this time to finish up any writing projects you are in the middle of  – country inquiry/travel journal or finishing the souvenirs.  You may also want to finalize your weather writing and illustrations.

Several of you began stories last week.  Please continue adding to them.  Don’t leave us in suspense.  😲

If you’re ready for a new writing idea, here are today’s Quick Writes:

  • What is your favorite room in your home and why?
  • What excites you?
  • I wish I could do _____ because…
  • Let’s go _____ Describe your adventure.
  • or any other topic that you’re interested in writing about today.

Read the prompts, think for a minute or so, choose a topic and write for a full 10 minutes without stopping.  At the end of 10 minutes you choose – are you done, do you have a different idea, do you want to keep going. Look back to yesterday’s post to remind yourself about elaboration strategies to give your writing zip and zing. It would be fun if you’d share some of  your writing on your blog this week.

Math Workshop ~

Begin with a math warm-up worksheet to review and remember our work with x, ÷ and fractions  Mixed x÷ warm up and Fraction Review.

When you answered the question, “What makes a rectangle so special?”, how many of these attributes did you include:

  • A rectangle is a quadrilateral.  That means it is a closed shape.
  • The opposite sides of the shape are straightparallel lines.
  • The opposite sides are of equal length.
  • All 4 vertices (corners) are right angles.
  • Rectangles are symmetrical.  They have four lines of symmetry.

Today we’re going to explore four different types of quadrilaterals:  squares, trapezoids, parallelograms and rhombuses.

Looks at the sets of pictures showing what each of those four shapes is and is not.

Once you think you know what the shapes are go on a scavenger hunt in and around your house.  Find as many of each type of shape as you can ~ stop when you’ve reached 10 of one kind.  At my house finding squares was really easy.  So was finding parallelograms if I only counted rectangles, to I tried to challenge myself to find others. That was a bit more tricky.Here are some pictures of things I found when I was looking ~

The side of the light, the pattern on the turtle toy and the roofs on the houses were trapezoids. I found trapezoids  and long skinny parallelograms in the stained glass. The only rhombus I could find was on a playing card.  I found squares all over once I started seeing …







When you’re ready have fun on the Quadrilateral Scavenger Hunt. You can find it here or in Google Classroom.  Do it wherever it is easier to turn in so I can see what you found.

If I asked you to list at least 4 attributes that are shared by all squares, could you?

If I asked you to list at least 4 attributes that are shared by all trapezoids, could you?  How about parallelograms and rhombuses?

Next, here are today’s problems to choose from.  See if there are two that feel like just right challenges.   You can solve them in your journal or on a piece of paper.  It would be most helpful to put the color and the date the problem was posted.  Thanks!

Landon, Holden, Edward, and Brady each had 48 markers.  How many markers did they have altogether?  Half of the markers had fine tips and they other half had wide points.  How many of each type did they have?

There are eighteen students in 3E.  Each student has 12 pencils, 8 crayons and 4 erasers.

How many pencils do the students in 3E have altogether?

How many crayons do the students of 3E have altogether?

How many erasers do the student of 3E have altogether?

Estella, Javey and Landin each wrote a story that was 436 words long.

Anna and Van each wrote stories that were 527 words long.

How many words did these five students write altogether?

How many more words would they have to write to reach 5,000 words in total?

Vera has 25 violet marbles.  May has 7 times more violet marbles than Vera has.  How many marble does May have?

There were six bowls of Hershey Kisses.  Each bowl had 143 pieces of candy in it.

How many pieces of Hershey Kisses were there altogether?

There were five bowls of M&M’s.  Each bowl had 178 M&M’s in it.  How many M&M’s were there altogether?

Were there more Hershey’s Kisses or more M&M’s?

How many more?

Katherine started baking brownies at 9:35 on Saturday.  She baked for 55 minutes.

What time was it when she stopped?

Katherine baked 13 pans of brownies.  There were 8 brownies in each pan.  How many brownies did she bake altogether?

If you’ve worked through that, it’s definitely time for a game here at ABCya.  Give Prodigy a try.  Did anyone else find another game to recommend?  Let us know so we can all have fun.

UA’s for today…

Challenges and Phys. Ed.  Here is the link to their website if you need some suggestions for how to stay active and fit.

I hope you had a great day!  We’ve got this when we all work together!

👊🏻🌎🌳💕Mrs. Eaves

57 thoughts on “Our Day – Tuesday, April 28

  1. I liked the first version better because there were more illustrations so I could see what was going on.

    • Remember we’re thinking about what the moral means in our lives and how that rule might help guide our choices with family and friends and even people you don’t know.

  2. ~RIDDLES~
    1, Edam cheese.
    2, you can see right through them.
    3 the rabbit weighs 3 kg the cat weighs 7 kg the dog weighs 17 kg.

    • Thanks for sharing our thoughts and ideas as you puzzle through the riddles.
      We’ll find out tomorrow.
      🔎Mrs. Eaves

  3. The Fox and the Stork
    The Fox tricked the Stork to have dinner with him but in the second he wanted to make her look foolish. Also The Stork says yes in the second one and had a plan for her own but in the first she just tricked him. The same’s were that The Fox tricked The crow and the crow tricked him back. The moral is that treat others like you want to be treated.

    • Hi Landon,
      I thought Aesop had a good way of asking to be treated well. I don’t know if I could have thought of such a clear way to share that idea.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts clearly.
      🙌🏼Mrs. Eaves

    • I am with you Anna. I think riddles are tricky too. You always have to think in an “out of the box” kind of way. Thanks for stopping and giving them a try!
      🤔Mrs. Eaves

  4. The second moral spoke to me because I like the treat others the way you want to be treated. I don’t know which one is my favorite because one rhymes and one I like the moral better but to be honest I like the second one better!

    Hope to see you in August!


    • Hi Sophie,
      I actually like pairing the different morals together because I think having different versions can help me understand more completely. I can relate to the fox feeling envious of the stork. He thought she was elegant. I’m not sure why he decided to be mean about it. I liked that the stork didn’t complain, but she also didn’t ignore it. She found a way to stand up for herself and teach a lesson.
      I hope you’ll read more fables – there are lots and lots and LOT of different versions of the same one. I have 8 versions of The Lion and the Mouse and they’re all a little different.
      I like how fables make me think.
      💕Mrs. Eaves

  5. I liked the first story of The Fox and the Stork. I liked the back and forth of the story being told. Morale is you should treat others how you want to be treated. Be kind and you will get kindness in return. Be mean and you will get that in return.

    • Here are my clues!

      Mrs. Nelson didn’t pass Mrs. Swamp in the hall
      Mrs. Nelson was sick at her house until she saw one of her walking by.
      One part of the story I don’t get though is how Mrs. Nelson did the scratchy voice of Mrs. Swamp when she just got her tonsils out.

      • Hi Sophie,
        Great job collecting clues. Were there any in the illustrations? I think Miss Nelson could do Miss Swamp’s scratchy voice because he throat was sore from her operation. I agree with you though, I bet it hurt.
        Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas.
        🔎Mrs. Eaves

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the riddles Sophie.
      We’ll find out tomorrow,
      🔎Mrs. Eaves

  6. #1 What type of cheese is made backward? No clue?????
    #2 Why are ghosts bad at lying? You can see through them
    #3 What do each of the animals weigh? Dog 17kg, Bunny 3kg, Cat 7kg

    • Hi Brady,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and idea about the riddles!
      We’ll find out tomorrow.
      🔎 Mrs. Eaves

  7. I read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and what’s happening right now is Harry and Dumbledore are at Horace Slughorn’s house and Dumbledore is asking him to work at Hogwarts. The setting right now is Horace’s house.

    • Hi Anna,
      Slughorn is an interesting name? What you he be teaching Hogwarts?
      I’ll have to read that book again to be reminded of the story.
      Thanks for sharing your reading.
      📚Mrs. Eaves

  8. I read Travel Team. By Mike Lupica. It is a story where a kid named Danny ____________ the 7th grade travel team. He comes home from tryouts and is practicing in his driveway. Richie Walker drives up without Danny noticing. Danny’s mom, Ali Walker saw Richie. She scared him. “Don’t sneak up on people like that,” he said. “You don’t sneak up on people like that,” she said.

    • Thanks for sharing what you are reading. It sounds like you are interested in this book. I wonder how Danny and Richie are related – or if they are. I wonder if Danny has family troubles and if basketball makes them easier.
      📚Mrs. Eaves

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas as you work on the riddles.
      We’ll find out tomorrow.
      🔎 Mrs. Eaves

  9. HI Mrs. Nelson got back from the place realy early and didn’t see Mrs. Veowna swamp in the hall?

    • Hi Estella,
      That does seem to be an important clue.
      Thanks for collecting it.
      🕵🏼‍♀️Mrs. Eaves

  10. 1. The kids dress up like Mrs. Nelson and she sees them walking by there house
    2. Mrs. Nelson does an impression of Mrs. Swamp again
    3. Mrs. Nelson found a mask
    4. Mrs. Nelson comes back when Mrs. Swamp

    • Hi Landon,
      Did you notice that Miss Nelson went to her closet after she call Mr. Blanding? There was a black something hangin there.
      I like how the author and illustrator show enough, but don’t make it totally obvious. I think that is fun!
      Thanks for taking the time to share your idea.
      🕵🏻‍♂️Mrs. Eaves

  11. Today I read Brixton Brothers Case Of The Mistaken Identity. A bunch of people jumped through the windows with guns and they were after Steve, he thought it was because he owed 3.50 in fins. Steve hurried over to a top shelf. He toke all the books off the shelf and climbed up he lay there flat on his back the his spot was busted by the team leader. He was being chased by people with guns. Steve ran out the exit and then he turned to a man behind him after he got to the bottom step with a gun pointed at him and his name was Macintosh he told Steve to get in the car. It turns out that all the librarians in the world are the best trained secret force in the United States. All the people who broke in are also librarians . Steve is the real bad guy. All the books in the world have a secret code.

    • Hi Justin,
      It is always better, but things make sense.
      Thanks for sharing your ideas!
      🙌🏼Mrs. Eaves

  12. Riddles
    1) edam cheese
    2) because you can see right through them
    3) had help from my parents
    (C+R) + (D+R) + (D+C) = 54kg
    2(C+R+D) = 54kg

    • Thanks for sharing your thinking about the riddles.
      Your parents helped you create a terrific algebraic expression to find the total weight at the end. I used the 2nd and 3 scale so knew the cat = 4+ rabbit. I used the first scale to figure out only the cat at 7 is 4 more than 3 for the rabbit and also is 10. Once I knew those two animals I could finish.
      It is really cool that they showed you how to do that. I’ll have to see if I can find some other similar challenges so you can keep practicing and figuring it out.
      We’ll find out tomorrow!
      🔎Mrs. Eaves

  13. I liked the first fable better because it made more sense than the second one. The first one was more kid friendly. The second one was more like what Aesop would have said.

  14. Miss Nelson Returns
    1) The big kid used to be in Miss Nelson’s class in the last book.
    2) I spotted something very different. The kids were much more misbehaved than in the last book and the book was longer.
    3) The kids tricked the principal. He was very dumb. The goldfish slides were the same ones.
    4) I think Leona Swamp will return because the kids were acting out again.
    5) Leona Swamp has a scratchy voice and that makes sense because Miss Nelson had her tonsil taken out. In the first book Miss Nelson is Leona Swamp.
    6) Miss Nelson returned 1 minute later than Leona Swamp left and they did not pass in the hallway.

    • Hi Justin,
      You did a great job collecting and analyzing clues and in thinking about the two books in the series. Did you notice what was in the closet when Miss Nelson realizes something will have to be done after she calls Mr. Blandsworth? I think that is another clue to add you you list.
      Thank you for thoughtfully working through this assignment.
      🙌🏼Mrs. Eaves

  15. I read Buddy files The case of the school ghost by Dori Hillestad butler
    In the book Buddy finds a Tap and It smells like Jillian They are also Having a scavernger hunt.And that is chapter 3.

  16. My book, Diary of a wimpy kid the third wheel. It is about him and his life. He just talks about his family and his life with his little brother, Manny. Manny watches a lot of TV, because he watches baby programs, his big brother can’t watch what he wants.

  17. 1. The kids dress up like Mrs. Nelson and she sees them walking by there house
    2. Mrs. Nelson is Mrs. Swamp
    3. Mrs. Nelson found a mask and shirt
    4. Mrs. Nelson comes back when Mrs. Swamp leaves


  18. I read Horse and his Boy Shasta and Bree snuck in with Arvi’s and the other person and then he pretends he is the prince and is forced to marry Queen Susan
    Arvi’s came up with the plan to make them look like slaves. I am looking forward to see King Peter and Queen Lucy I hope there in the book. Shasta is happy he is alive.

  19. The lesson I learned is that if you’re mean to someone they will be mean to you. The moral is don’t be mean. I liked the first version better because is was more interesting.

    • Hi Max, It’s hard to know which fable you listened to first, the more traditional one in Jerry Pinkney’s collection or the rhyming one adapted by the poet.
      I do think the moral is important just like you said. If you’re willing to do it to someone else, then expect that it will happen to you.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas.
      🙌🏼Mrs Eaves

    • Hi Max,
      Did you collect any new clues to make your case? You know if you asked Miss Nelson she’d say she didn’t know what you were talking about.
      🔎Mrs. Eaves

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