A Summary of Week Three

Here is a collection of photographs and work samples you sent this week.  Thank you for sharing.  They make me so happy.  I love reading your posts each day!

We explored Gratitude and are trying to develop a daily practice of taking note of what we are grateful for.  We’ve got our gratitude rocks and jars.



We are keeping up with daily independent reading and recording our thoughts in a comment each day.



We are taking time to learn more about leads, topic sentences and paragraphing in a developing weather essay.  I’m excited about what I am reading in your drafts.  They will be ready for publishing in a week.












We’ve explored fact families with  chocolates, cupcakes and cake.  We’ve also practiced writing problems to match particular equations.

Anna journal cover   You’ve worked on your travel journals and covers.  This week we’ll begin creating the souvenirs (some of you already have, and that’s great)

And the deadline for the Winterhouse Challenge is coming on Wednesday.  You can already see some of those posts that include a favorite character, a list of personality character traits supported by evidence from the books – what did the character do, say or think.

On top of that you are creating art, playing games and your recorder, going for walks and bike rides and shooting baskets and practicing Spanish when you can.









You are outstanding! 💕 Even from far away, you are digging deep and doing all that you can to learn and grow.  I am GRATEFUL for YOU!

Ms. Griffenhagen found Jaggy on her deck trying to cheer her up on our last rainy Friday.  She said it worked and sent the video on to us.  Even though it’s sunny today, I thought you’d enjoy seeing Jaggy dancing in the rain.

Keep on being awesome – I miss you!

🌈❤️🧡💛💚💙💜Mrs. Eaves


4 thoughts on “A Summary of Week Three

    • Tell me more about that… According to what I can see, you are the lead player in our class by far!
      Is that good or bad?
      🥇Mrs. Eaves

  1. I read Junie B. Jones Dumb Bunny by Barbara Park
    In the book Junie and her class was about to start the egg-hunt .
    and here were rules and they went over them with the class.
    Rule 1 NO RUNNING!
    Rule 2 No pushing, pulling or grabbing!
    Rule 3 No trampling the flowers and plants!
    Rule 4 Do not go anywhere that is soped off!
    Usually there are no rules at a egg-hunt!


    • Hi Elena,
      I have a prediction. I am guessing since they want over the rules, that Junie is not going to follow them.
      What do you think.
      I’m glad you are enjoying this character.
      📖Mrs. Eaves

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