Chapter 36 – Part 2


Well, now what do you think?  What is your prediction about the ending?  How do you think the story will wrap up?  Leave your ideas in predictions in the comments below.

(Also – please comment on Edward and Piper’s last posts – Edward’s so he doesn’t dissolve 🤣 and Piper’s so she’ll finish the story and we can find out what happens. 🤗.)

6 thoughts on “Chapter 36 – Part 2

  1. I think Elizabeth is going to tell Freddy what happened, and Selena Hiems is going to be surprised, mad, and sad.

    • Thanks for sharing your ideas. Do you think Selena is going to do something to Elizabeth? Do you think she and Marcus are with the people who are just running into the library?
      I wonder if they’re out of danger yet. What do you think?
      You rock!
      🙌🏻 Mrs. Eaves

    • Does it also count that I asked the class to comment on the Winterhouse post? And this one now too!
      Come on!
      ✏️Mrs. Eaves

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