Day 3 of Our Adventure

You Are All Amazing!

How are you?  It sounds/reads like some of you are busy and some of you are bored.  I think it is safe to say we all miss being together. Some of you have shared the learning schedule you’ve created for yourselves and  I’m impressed with the work you’ve been posting and sharing.  Some of you have sent pictures of you and your work.  Seeing you makes me so happy.  I thought it might make you happy to create a post over the weekend so we could all see each other.  If you’d like to include a picture in that post, ask your family to take one and send it in an email.

Open the comments from yesterday post so you can see what great reading you and your classmates are doing.  There are some pretty great book recommendations.   I appreciate the time you’ve taken to think and write about your books and the main characters.

There are new posts on your blogs, and some very thoughtful comments. Check them out and leave some new comments today.  It is one way we can stay connected.  Sophie and Landon chose one of the prompts.  Read their posts to see what they think about spring.  Edward has been exploring acrositc poems.  Vera wrote about her morning routine and her animals.   Justin (congratulations – how cool is that accomplishment!) wrote about his karate test.  Piper has begun a new story, May’s getting ready for April Fool’s Day (a.k.a. Estella’s birthday) and Brady continued his season pros and cons list.  If I missed someone in this shout-out, I apologize.  Let me know and I’ll take care of that with the next post.

I heard that many of you created your climate maps.  When you look at them, can you find other places that have the same climate as the country you are researching?  Can you imagine how the climate in your country effects the things people do there and how they live?  Did you notice anything that surprised you about the climate zones?  Make sure you keep your finished maps safe.  We will use them when we begin our weather forecasting project.

Our Day, March 20 – Happy Vernal Equinox

Start off your learning day by completing your weather graph, noting the temperature on the section of the graph you color in and the type of cloud you see.  Use the symbols on the cloud finder.  If you’re curious, do some research on Kiddle or Kid Rex to learn more about the vernal equinox.  You could create a post to teach others.  I’ll send them out and maybe you’ll get comments for other people who are wishing for school to begin again too.

Reading – Find a nice quiet place to read and enjoy at least 30 minutes with a great book.  As we work to develop a deeper understanding of characters and character traits, when you finish reading for the day – leave a comment below telling who your favorite character is, what they do that makes them stand to you, where they spend most of their time, how they spend most of their time and when they are most active in the timeframe of what you are reading. This may not be easy, but with help, I know you can figure most of it out.

Here’s an example of what I mean about choosing on character and describing his or her traits. I like Elizabeth, but I also like Freddy in Winterhouse.  I will describe what I think about him.  He stands out to me because he is at Winterhouse during Christmas and New Years, but he has a family.  That makes him different from Elizabeth. I wonder about his family.  I wonder if he is lonely.  That might make him alike Elizabeth.  Both Freddy and Elizabeth like word puzzles.  I learned about word ladders from them.  Freddy spends most of his time inventing and exploring new ideas that seem environmentally aware.  I appreciate that.  I am wondering if Freddy and Elizabeth will ever return to an even, trusting friendship.

If you’re reading information, teach us about what you learned.

Take a break – create a healthy snack, see how many jumping jacks you can do in a minute, or see how long it takes you to find something for every color in the rainbow in nature.  It’ll be hard right now.  I wonder when it will feel easy.

Writing – Here is our third season. Think about its special features.  Choose your topic from the prompts below and write for at least 10 minutes without stopping.  Write using as many of the elaboration strategies as you can.  Use details like when, where, how and why, add descriptive adjectives, use dialogue, make sure there is action and add in some inner thought.  Don’t forget capitals and punctuation.   These poems are from Summersaults by Douglas Florian.  Spring is here, but we’re thinking and writing about summer!

Celebrating Summer









  • Make your own list of things you love about summer – the pros.  Make a second list of the things you hate about summer – the cons.
  • Write about your ideal summer day. What does it include?
  • What is your favorite summer memory?  Tell the story about that one time.
  • What are your family’s 4th of July traditions?
  • What is your favorite summer sport?  Why is it your favorite? How does it make you feel?
  • What is your favorite thing to do outside during the summer?  What makes it so special for you?
  • Or any other topic you’d like to write about today.

You can do your writing in the journal or you can write it as a blog post.  If you do that, we can all read it and that’s fun to see.

Take a movement, game or music break.  Maybe you’d have fun with a Go Noodle Video like Pop See Ko or Clap it Out. Click on the links to find them. (If you’d rather use the ones from yesterday – go back, they’re still there.)

Science – Justin’s mom shared this video connection with me.  It’s a little long, but stick it out.  She’s got some great information to add to what you’ve already learned from Mystery Science.  Hayley LaPoint, meteorologist from WMUR created a video to teach us about weather and storms.  It is  about 25 minutes long.  It teaches us about meteorology, the water cycle, 4 different cloud types and storms.  At the end of the video she asks you to send questions – if you  have some  weather questions, send them to me and I will collect them to send in one email from 3e.  I’ll wait until the end of the Monday to send your questions so everyone who wants to ask Hayley LaPoint a question can.

Whether or not you have a question for Meteorologist LaPoint, keep track of between 3 and 5 facts she teaches you, reminded you of, or made you wonder.  You can leave them in a comment on the “When I watched WMUR Meteorologist Hayley LaPoint I…” blog post.  I will put that up after 10:00.

Take a break… Take a walk, play a board game, or create some art.  Mrs. Nardone has created another way for you to share your art and your pets at Martha’s Corner.   Have fun sharing your  photographs and creations.  Check it out.  Don’t forget to share your other artistic creations and view the growing gallery for inspiration.

Math – Choose another one of the worksheets sent home yesterday to use as a math warm up.  If you’re trying to do the  division.  Get some pennies, Legos or pasta so you can count out the the large group and then divide it up.  For example if you’re trying to solve 27 ÷ 3 = ___ Count out 27 things.  Divide them into groups of 3 and find out how many groups you have.  It also works to sort the 27 things  into 3 equal groups and find out how many  are in each group.

Here are today’s problems.  See if there are two that feel like just right challenges.   Remember, if you can solve the problem in just a minute or two, it’s too easy.  If you don’t know how to begin it’s too hard.

Landon started painting t-shirts at 2:30.  He worked on them for 75 minutes.

What time was it when he stopped?

Landon painted 4 shirts.  He put 215 dots on each one.  How many dots did he paint on the shirts altogether?

The next day Landon started painting at 3:15.  He painted for 2 hours and 15 minutes until his project was done.  What time was it when Landon finished?

Paul started baking cookies at 12:00.  He baked 4 pans of cookies.  Each pan needed 12 minutes to bake.

How long did it take for Paul to bake all the pans of cookies?

What time was it when he had finished baking the cookies?

Holden was making model airplanes.  He started making them at 10:15.  He worked on making them for 48 minutes.  What time was it when Holden stopped making his model airplanes?

Holden made 4 model airplanes.  Each airplane was made with 235 pieces.  How many model pieces did Holden put together in total?

There were three bowls of candy.  Each bowl had 152 pieces of candy in it.

How many pieces of candy were there altogether?

There were four bowls of pretzels.  Each bowl had 134 pretzels in it.  How many pretzels were there altogether?

Were there more pretzels or more pieces of candy?  _______

How many more?

Edward collected 2384 football cards.  He gave 533 of them to Brady.

How many cards did Edward have then?

Next he bought 5 more packs of cards.  Each pack had 16 cards in it.

How many new football cards did Edward buy?

When he put them together, how many football cards did Edward have then?

Brady had 3 bins of Legos.  Each bin had 126 Legos in it.

How many Legos did Brady have altogether?

He used 134 to make a ramp for his robot.  How many Legos did he have left for another project?

Today ends with Physical Education (P.E.) and Music.  Click on those names to open the links activities and lessons that Mrs Yeaton and Mrs. Oliver have created for you.

I miss you!  Keep on being awesome!

40 thoughts on “Day 3 of Our Adventure

  1. I really can not do my explaining the book thing because the fite that was happening was still happening.
    From Justin.

    • That makes sense. Maybe you can do it another day when the fight is over. I’m curious to know about it.
      Thank you for sharing your reading. I bet other kids will read the book because of what you are able to share.
      Mrs. Eaves

    • Wow! That’s A LOT! I wonder if anyone will accept the challenge. I’m sure I couldn’t do even close to that amount.
      Keep up all you great work!
      Take care,
      Mrs. Eaves

  2. I am reading Harry Potter prisoner of Askaban. Harry is always getting into trouble with his friends, Ron and Hermione. Hermione is always trying to stop them from getting into trouble. Hermione LOVES books kind of like you Mrs. Eaves! And work. Ron is like Harrys best friend even though they both are. Harry and Ron are always especially getting in trouble!

    Let’s hope to get back to school soon so we can all stay safe and healthy.

  3. My favorite character is Hermione. She spends most of her time with books or studying and trying to keep the boys out of trouble!


    • Hi Sophie,
      She reminds me of someone else… you. I bet you are Hermione would be good friend if you were ever to meet.
      Thanks for sharing about your favorite character and her traits.
      take care,
      Mrs. Eaves

  4. I am reading baby sister club they are most active when they the baby sit. My favorite character is Claudia. They stand out because they are great baby sitters and they spend most of there time at kids houses.

  5. I hate school when there’s nobody to talk to. And “recess” is so BORING without people! It’s like summer but worse because you cant have your friends over! Neither sleepovers! Some of the girls in our grade got on a big call! It was fun!

  6. I am reading the Baby Sitters Club by Ann M. Martin. My favorite character is Stacey. She stands out to me because she has blue eyes. She spends most of her time at the beach talking to the life gaurds.

  7. I am still reading the tail of desperaux. My favorite character right now is princess pea. I like her because she is a little bit sassy but she is also very kind. I think that she is very elegant and noble.

    • Thanks for sharing your reading. It is interesting how are favorite characters change and change again as we read and learn more about them from their actions in the story. You used some great words to Princess Pea. I would very much like a sassy, but kind and honest, trustworthy (that’s how I think of noble) person.
      take care,
      Mrs. Eaves

    • Justin, I don’t know. We have to wait to see what the Governor and Superintendent says. They are trying to keep people safe and healthy. It’s not fun for anyone but it seems to be the wisest thing to do. Thank goodness we all have some connection. Think of the hundreds of thousands of children who don’t.
      It’s going to feel super long. Sorry.
      take care,
      Mrs. Eaves

  8. My favorite character in Winterhouse is Elizabeth. I think that because we are sort of similar. We both like books, We both like mysteries, we both have brown hair, and we both have friends named freddy! (I am renaming Holden Freddy!!)

    • Oh Piper, Thank you! You just made me laugh! How wonderful. What does Holden think of his new name? Is it just Freddie, or are you going to hyphenate it so it’s Holden-Freddy (sort of like Jim-Bob or Mary-Sue).
      Thanks for sharing what you’re reading and your sense of humor too
      take care.
      Mrs. Eaves
      PS – I haven’t looked, but is the next installment of your story up?

    • Hi Edward, I got your message. I’ve posted 99, but if it’s okay, I’m going to wait until tomorrow to post 100. I thought perhaps we could build some excitement and anticipation if we waited a bit.
      How fun!
      🙌🏻👍🏻💕 Mrs. Eaves

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