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Hi everyone,

I am trying to get the music link to work for you.  Here is the URL for the music online home page:

Here is a hyperlink of that address.  When you are at the home page, you’ll see Grade 3 at the top on the right.  Click on that and you’ll see that Mrs. Oliver has made videos all the songs we are learning to play.

Here is a hyperlink to that page.  Please let me know if these links work for you.

Thank you.  I miss you a ton!

Mrs. Eaves

20 thoughts on “The Music Link

  1. Hi Everyone, Sorry this didn’t work either. I’ll reach out to Mr. Mattis and see if we can get it fixed for tomorrow. In the meantime – keep practicing.
    Mrs. Eaves

  2. My Mom has tried to type in the link and use the two hyperlinks. She can’t make it work either. Any other ways to get there?

  3. As we work on getting this figured out, Mrs. Oliver asked me to let you know that the way the videos play is by click the play arrow at the bottom of each video, rather than the play arrow in the middle at the start of the video.
    Mrs. Eaves

    • Hi Elena,
      We are trying to get that fixed now. I’ll let you know when we’ve got that worked out.
      Mrs. Eaves

  4. Hi everyone,
    We think we have found the issue and as soon as it is fixed we’ll let you know.
    Mrs. Eaves

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