Wednesday Math

Here are some problems to solve.  Have fun!

When Logan started building with Legos, he had 12,035 bricks in a bin.

When he was finished there were 2,368 bricks left.

He had used 7,206 for a ship.  He used others to build a robot.

How many Legos did Logan use building his robot?

Ella collected shells.  She had 2,423 white shells, 2,056 yellow shells and 1,308 speckled shells.

She used 2,388 of her shells to decorate one box and 839 to decorate another. 

How many shells did Ella have left for other projects?

Ryan has 12,850 crayons.  Eddie has 10,739 crayons.

How many more crayons does Ryan have than Eddie?

Charlie has 1,258 more crayons than Eddie has. How many crayons does Charlie have?

If Ryan, Eddie and Charlie put all their crayons together, how many crayons will that be?