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This is the 3rd week of the Growth Mindset Read-Aloud project.  We’ve had some technology challenges in our classroom that wouldn’t allow us to connect with the video and the online conversation about After the Fall by Dan Santat.  After we read the book again – it’s one of our favorites, we realized accidents do always happen.  You can let worry about them keep you from what you love, or you can come up with a new idea and make a plan to overcome your fears.   It’s okay if that takes some time.

After we read After the Fall we each chose a picture book with a Growth Mindset message to summarize.   We read the books and wrote reviews to share what we could learned from them.  We shared how they help us learn more about the benefits of having a growth mindset.  Please read our individual blogs to find our book summaries.   We hope they inspire you to follow your dreams … even if the journey is an exhaustingly rough challenge.



7 thoughts on “It’s Blogging Wednesday

  1. Wow! What a fabulous selection of Growth Mindset books you have selected. I am excited to check out a few individual blogs and find out what you learned. Congrats on your on-going blogging and persistence, even when technology proves tricky!
    Ms Schmidt 🙂

    • So happy to find you here! It makes me feel a little less alone in the world. (I do remember you book request – it is on my to-do list.) Thank you for supporting us and urging us on.
      Mrs. Eaves

  2. “Oh no” for technology issues… 🙁
    I see some great books in your picture – some that I know…and some I’ll have to try. I’ll have to check out your reviews to find out more!
    Miss you hard working bloggers!
    Mrs. Wyman

  3. So many awesome Growth Mindset books. Some we have not read yet. We enjoyed reading the book reviews and will be checking a lot of these books out in the next few weeks. We left a few comments. Thanks for sharing your work with us!
    Meharg’s Vikings, Arthur Voaden Secondary School, St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

    • We were so excited to find your comments this morning. Thank you for exploring our blogs and letting us know that you did. We just started learning about the world and we’re looking for you on our maps. Do you have a blog for us to read and comment on.
      Thank you so much
      the students of 3E – Mrs. Eaves too.

  4. Mrs. Eaves I remember when we read most of those books did you read all of them to 3E? Knowing you I bet you did:)

    • Yes I did read them all. They have a great message to believe in yourself and give things a try. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I wish we knew who you were.
      Mrs. Eaves

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