It’s Friday – have some fun

At the beginning of the school year we read The Fantastic Jungles of Henri Rousseau.  Do you remember how he taught himself to paint?  Do you remember how he kept entering contests and being told how terrible his work was?  But finally he painted The Sleeping Gypsy and everything changed.

Mordicai Gerstein used that painting to create a whole new story called The Sleeping Gypsy.  Using that idea, I thought it might be fun to tell the stories behind other famous works of art.

Here are a few.  If you’re inspired, leave your story in a comment. Have fun!

It’s Wednesday – here are some problems to solve

Happy 5th of July!  Here are some cookout problems to solve.

Tera had a cookout with her friends and family.  They used 5 packages of hotdog.  They used 4 packages of hamburgers.  They used 5 packages of rolls.

There were 8 hotdogs in each package.  There were 6 hamburgers in each package. And there were 12 rolls in each package. 

  • How many hotdogs did they eat?
  • How many hamburgers did they eat?
  • How many of the hotdogs or hamburgers got eaten without any roll?

Rachael lit some sparklers to celebrate the 4th of July.  She had 8 boxes of sparklers.  Each box held 8 sparklers.   At the end of the night there were 12 sparklers left.  How many did Rachael light during their celebration?

Sully went to Bailey’s Dockside for ice cream.  He sat on a bench to watch the boats while he was eating his sundae.  While he was there he saw 14 people get cones with 2 scoops of ice cream, 26 people who got cones with one scoop and 7 people who got banana splits – they all had three scoops.  

How many scoops of ice cream did Dockside serve while Sully was eating his sundae? 

It’s Monday – here are some books to enjoy!

Yes, I course I’ve been reading.  There is a “book-a-day” challenge that I’ve been trying to complete.  So far, so good…

I discovered The Space Taxi series by Wendy Mass and Michael Brawer.  Did you know that there are actually aliens on Earth?  The Intergalactic Security Force knows this and tries to keep it secret.  You see, most Earthlings are quite ready to believe and understand so Archie Morningstar and his dad run a taxi service so aliens and come and go as needed.  Things go quite smoothly, until a solar flare temporarily interferes with the equipment and signals needed for safe travel.  What will happen to the Aliens on Earth?    This is a fun series to “explore.”

What would you do if on the day you turned 10, you discovered you were a Wonder? What would you do if you realized just by saying your name, “Aleca Zamm,” you could stop time?  Would you want that power or not?  What are the pros and cons of being a Wonder rather than a Dud?  The books in this series are written as one continuing story.  The first two have been published.  I hope that next are soon.  Read Aleca Zamm is a Wonder and Aleca Zamm is Ahead of Her Time to discover how wonder-full (or not) special gifts can be.

If you’re looking for something a little more challenging and a lot more CREEPY, you should try Curse of the Boggin book 1The Library.  There is something under Alec Swenor’s bed.  He’s trying to say calm about it.  After all, he’s nine.  But something is there for sure.  It left a scratched message “Surrender the Key” and that’s just the beginning of what happens if you’re connected to The Boggin.  This is a terrifically scary tale – it’s creepy in all the right ways.  It will leave you wondering – What if? What’s next?  It’s over, but not really?  How will the Boggin return?

I’ve added some other book suggestions to the shelf on the right.  Check those out too!  Happy Reading!