It’s Monday – you might like these books to read

At the end of the school year Sully added two books to our collection.  Mother Goose Bruce and Hotel Bruce, both by Ryan T. Higgins who wrote Be Quiet! a book we’d enjoyed together at the end of the year.

In the first book we meet grumpy Bruce the bear who doesn’t like anything except being alone and eating eggs that he cooks by following different fancy recipes.  While trying out a new one, hard-boiled goose eggs drizzled with honey-salmon sauce, a little mishap means he’s not alone anymore.  You’ll have to read the book to find out how things work out for Bruce.  What do you think?  Is he grumpier than ever, or not?  How do you think the story will continue after the book is done?

In the second book we learn more about Bruce and how he is handling his life as a mother.  It’s tough and it’s tiring.   All Bruce want to do is settle in at home and relax.  But Bruce’s home has been taken over by three mice (YES – those 3 mice) and turned into The Woodland Hotel.  It is full of creatures, noise and disruption.  And when the elephants come… well that is just too much.  You’ll have to read the book to find out how Bruce solves his problem – or if he does.

It’s fun to see how the book ends with a nod to the next.  I can’t wait to read Be Quiet! again to discover what clues were left at the end that I may or may not have noticed.  I wonder if and how the story will continue.  I wonder who will be the star.

Ryan T. Higgins is going to be at the Newington Barnes and Noble on July 1 at 11:00.  I hope to make it.  I think he will be fun to hear.  Maybe I’ll see you there.

Thanks Sully!

PS – I’m in the middle of reading The Wild Robot by Peter Brown and in that book the robot, Roz becomes the mother to a gosling too, Bright Bill.  It’s a great story so far and one that I think you all would like.  It is quirky and interesting like all Peter Brown books with characters to really care about. I am wondering how it will end – will it be happy or not?  I’m not certain at all.

What are you reading?  Let us know in a comment below!  (I miss you!  Hope your vacation is off to a terrific start.  I bet you’ll enjoy Gabby’s new poem.  Check it out.)