It’s Wednesday – here are some problems to solve

Mackenzie was wearing her Fitbit.  She counted 10,214 steps every day for 5 days.  How many steps did she count altogether in those five days?  Over the weekend she her count was 4,587 steps less than her 5-day total.  How many steps did she count on the weekend?

Max and Rachael were building Lego models of things they hoped to see if they had a chance to visit France.  They used 3,472 Legos to make the Eiffel Tower.  They used 6,519 Legos to make the Louvre.  And they used 8,207 Legos to make Notre Dame.  How many Legos did Rachael and Max use altogether to make their models of important landmarks they hoped to one day see in France?

While Samantha was learning about Thailand she discovered the Emerald Buddha.  It has an amazing history and tradition.  She decided to build a map out of the area with Legos.  She used 2,385 white Legos, 4,287 tan bricks, 3,056 red Legos, 1,053 gold Legos and 864 green Legos in her model.  How many Lego bricks did Samantha use altogether in her model?  

When she started, Samantha had 17,500 Legos.  How many did she have left when she had completed her map?