It’s Wednesday – here are some math problems to solve

numbersThere are three books in the Smell Like… series by Suzanne Selfors.  Smells Like Dog has 384 pages.  Smells Like Treasure has 432 pages.  Smells Like Pirates has 384 pages.  I’m on page 212 in the third book.  How many pages have I read altogether so far?  How many pages do I still have left to read?

(I have to tell you, I can’t wait to find out what happens to Homer, Dog, Hercules, Lorelei and Madame.  It’s funny and exciting.)

There are eleven books in the Magic Bone series.  Five of the books have 108 pages.  Six of the books had 123 pages.  When you have finished reading the entire series, how many pages will you have read?

Write your own math problem about your summer reading (or anything you can think of) and leave it in a comment for the rest of us to solve.

Happy matching!

2 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday – here are some math problems to solve

  1. You had to read 172 to complete the Smell like… series.
    You would have to read 1,242 pages.
    I hope you have been enjoying your summer.

    From Ben

    • You worked through each part of the Smells like… problem. You definitely knew what to do and what strategies to use to solve them. Thank you Ben. I have been enjoying our family summer camp – that means lots of time with family and friends at barbecues and around the fire. I been reading, gardening and taking care of Hannah’s dog while they move.
      I am so glad that you are working through the math problems every once in a while. It makes me smile!
      I hope you have been enjoying your summer as well!
      Mrs. Eaves

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