It’s Monday – here are some books you might enjoy reading

Quinny and HopperI think I have found the first read aloud for 3E, Quinny and Hopper.  It’s about a girl, Quinny, who moves from New York City to the country in the summer between second and third grade.  Everything is different and Quinny isn’t sure she likes that at all.  From her upstairs window she notice a boy who looks to be about her age in the yard next door.  Maybe they could be friends?  Maybe this won’t be the worst summer ever?  Maybe… but things don’t always go smoothly; especially when you add two younger sisters for Quinny, two older (twins) brothers for Hopper, a grouchy neighbor with an opinionated niece, Victoria and an attack chicken named Freya.  I think you’ll like the characters and the action.  Leave a comment to let me know what you think.

Danger in Ancient RomeThe second Ranger in Time is out.  It’s called Danger in Ancient Rome.  This time Ranger gets called back to the world of the Colosseum.  He is there to help two boys who have been placed into servitude in gladiator training.  Marcus serves the master of the barracks and training grounds and Quintus must fight as a gladiator to earn his freedom, along with the right to return to his brother.  I am glad I didn’t live back then.  It seems like hard life and a very brutal time.  The research information shared at the end is enlightening.  It gives you a window into how authors research in order to write.  Where would you go to learn information for a story?

Hot Diggity DogsHot Diggity Dogs is the third in the Ready, Set, Dogs series by Stephanie Calmenson and Joanna Cole.  This time there are lost dogs to find, yummy hotdogs to try and a summer festival, Bark in the Park, to enjoy.  This is the perfect fun read for dog lovers!  Alexis, would want a necklace so you could play with Ethan?  Ginger I can imagine you doing the dance with “Fang” and “Spot.”  Can’t you?

What books have you found to enjoy?  Leave a comment to let us know what you’re reading.

PS The sixth IQ – Alcatraz is a unexpected and great ending to the series.  There were hints all along – but there were surprises all the way through.

PPS – If you’re looking for different suggestions, the books on the sidebar are all worth reading too!  Enjoy.

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