It’s Friday – have fun noticing

downy woodpecker fledglingI have loved this poem for a long time.  It inspires me to stop, look and see.  Yesterday I noticed a mama turkey with 14 chicks in a field, a mama pheasant with 6 babies crossed the road and 5 downy woodpecker fledglings feeding at our feeders.  (They’re as big as the parents but not as savvy about landing, holding on, finding the seeds.)  I’ve been looking around our yard.  Here are a few images of what I’ve noticed.  What do you see that brings you wonder?  Makes you smile?

oak gallsTo look at any thing,

If you would know that thing,

You must look at it long:

To look at this green and say,

“I have seen spring in these

Woods” will not do – you must

Be the thing you see:

You must be the dark snakes of

DSC04586Stems and ferny plumes of leaves,

You must enter in

To the small silences between

The leaves,

You must take your time

And tough the very peace

They issue from.

John Moffitt

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