It’s Wednesday – here are some problems to solve

numbersMarianna started reading her book at 3:35.  She read for 20 minutes, then she took 10 minutes for a snack and went back to reading for 10 more minutes.  What time was it when Marianna finished reading?

Ronan started working on his play at 1:25. He worked  6 minutes on putting his puppets together.  He worked for 15 minutes on making the scene.  He worked for 5 minutes on planning what the puppets would say.  What time was it when Ronan finished?

Stella finished her first tennis match at 9:22.  The match was 25 minutes long.  When did Stella begin her match?

Alexis’ soccer game ended at 7:30.  She played for 70 minutes.  What time did her soccer game begin?

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