It’s Wednesday – here are some problems to solve

numbersFifteen turkeys were eating acorns on my front yard.  Each turkey ate 6 acorns every hour.  They came to my yard started eating at3:15.  They left the yard at 6:15.  How many acorns did the turkeys eat altogether?

Five of the turkeys were small.  They each had 24 tail feathers.

Five of the turkeys were medium.  They each had 30 tail feathers.

Five of the turkeys were large.  They each had 36 tail feathers.  

How many tail feathers did the turkeys have altogether?

The turkeys each took five minutes to leave the yard and fly up into the tree they roost in for the night (yes, wild turkeys fly and yes, wild turkeys roost in trees at night to keep safe).  The first of the fifteen turkeys began flying to the roost at 6:15.  What time was it when the final turkey flew into the tree to roost?

I hope you Thanksgiving and holiday break are terrific!

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