It’s Wednesday – here are some problems to solve

numbersThe gray squirrels were collecting acorns for winter.  Three of them had collected 125 acorns.  Two had collected 76 acorns.  How many acorns had the five squirrels collected altogether?

Some red squirrels were eating the seed out of pinecones.  There were 4 pinecones.  Each cone had 48 seeds.  How many seeds did the squirrels get to eat altogether?

Squirrels have really great balance. They can run and jump from tree to tree quickly.   It took 5 seconds for a squirrel to leap from one tree to the next.  If the squirrel traveled across 24 trees, how many seconds would it take the squirrel to make that trip?  How many minutes and seconds would that be?  

If the squirrel started its trip at 8:32, what time would it ben when it was finished?

4 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday – here are some problems to solve

    • I wonder what problem you were solving. I don’t find that answer for any of them this week. Let me know what you were trying to solve.
      Mrs. Eaves

    • Thanks for doing all the problems. I agree with all your answers. Will I get to see how you solved them all in your work folder? I hope so. Mrs. Eaves

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