It’s Monday – here are some books to enjoy

131536191932655719326561Here are some non-fiction chapter books to enjoy.  Each of the books in this series has three different stories told in three chapters to illustrate the books theme.  Best Friends Forever shares the friendships of Roscoe the dog and Suryia the orangutan, Koko the gorilla and her cats, Jasmine the Greyhound friend to all and Owen and Mzee, the tortoise and hippo pair. Horse Escape Artist! shares three different stories of animals behaving badly – one a horse, one a cow and the last, goats.  Animals definitely have different personalities and these stories show that clearly.  What do you do with an animal who likes mischief?  What do you do when an animal decides to get revenge – on you?  How do you help animals when they haven’t been treated well?  How can you rebuild trust?  Parrot Genius! tells the stories of three exceptionally smart animals.  You’ll meet an African Gray parrot, Einstein who could make 200 sounds on cue.  His act at the Knoxville Zoo was pretty spectacular – Einstein’s even been on tv.  You’ll also meet Otis,  a skydiving pug and Mudslinger, a performing potbellied pig.  It’s fun to read about how the animals were trained and how much they seem to love doing things other animals can’t even dream of.

 There are several other titles in this series that you’d enjoy reading too.  You can read about animal heroes, daredevils and rescuers.  Their stories are interesting, amazing and fun.