It’s Wednesday – where have you been, what have you noticed?

goldfinch pair in the dogwood

I hope you have been enjoying SUMMER!  I haven’t been anywhere but North Hampton and Deerfield yet – but still I’ve seen some great things around our yard.

one of many The fireflies have been blinking outside the window above the long grass.  The chipmunks have been racing around the yard competing with the squirrels and birds to see just how many sunflower seeds they can get first and the barred owls have been calling from dusk to dawn.


partridge berry blossoms partridgeberryThe partridge berries are blooming and I realized there was a math problem there.  They always come in pairs and there are always four petals on each flower. While I was sitting in my green chair watching to birds and reading The Hero’s Guide to Storming the Castle, I counted 16 pairs.  How many flowers would that be altogether?  How many flower petals would that be altogether?


Can you find a math problem in your yard?

Post it for us to solve when you leave your comment.

Thinking of you every day!


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