Happy Summer 3E

Thank you for an amazing year!

It’s finally here – a little too fast for sure – but who says “no” to the opportunities vacation can bring – trying new things and having time to explore different ideas.  Do you have plans for the summer?  I am not going anywhere special, but I am going to try to go to one place every couple of weeks that is unusual  – like the Currier Art Gallery in Manchester or Blue Job fire tower in Stafford or the Thornton Burgess Museum in Sandwich, Massachusetts.

On Tuesday night I went to the school board meeting and some 4th graders were there (well really 5th graders) telling about what they had done and learned by going to Star Island.  It made me really excited for you and what will come.  I know you will have a great time learning about New Hampshire next year.  Our state has some pretty amazing Wonders!

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